Tuesday, 15 April 2014

15th April

     I will keep this short, even though I am in the busy mood when I barely have a spare minute today, I still went for checking what's new on my 3 favourite online shops, and guess what - Romwe is having a massive sale. I again went for some new leggings (like I didn't have enough), I know they aren't on trend anymore, but they are comfy and there are several for less than 7$, so I think it's a real bargain.

Happy Easter Sale day on Romwe 
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Start from Apr 15th, end on Apr 22nd.
Shipping within 24 hours.

     By the way, the white lace blouse in 3D embroidery will be $11.99 on April 17th, save 64%.
Beginning at 1:00am GMT April 17th,
Sale on this top will last only 24 hours, limited pieces available.
PLUS on 17th April you may also use this coupon 10offwhitelace to get even more 10% off the price. I am totally saving the date and getting that gorgeous lace top [:

White Lace Blouse

Sunday, 13 April 2014

13th April

       I am going through that phase of pure desperation. I have a deadline next week, and I have put myself in a huge trouble aka needing to so such a huge amount of work that requires far more time than I have got now. Which puts me in a situation when now I need to work my ass off - pardon my french - but seriously, everything is falling apart and the main thing that makesme so worried are the people that are sure that I am nearly letting down. It's so stressful, the pressure, the time. And you know what I do - I end up oversleeping and feeling so tired when I have barely went out. Like what the F. I have been wasting time a lot. A lot. And it's not that I regret it - I saw tons of amazing films, read some fiction books, went out, met people and so. The problem is that in spare time of the fun activities I didn't manage to put at least a bit of effort in creating this whole huge paper, I need to.
       And yet, what is even worse - I don't know if this feeling I have is a regret. I rather am not satfisfied for the fact that I am even going through this all process. I could say that university made me more cultivated/cultural, as I broadened my views, got a lot of information, read many interesting theories and developed more structured criticizing skills, but then again, what I need to do now, as what is my final mark to get, I don't think that this one will do as what it's supposed - describe my work within all long three years of studying. Like all that I did before, all those sleepless nights and stress, and tears - as it was nothing. As just this last thing I do is so important. I truly hate this fact about education. But then again, what would I be doing without all that I have gone through? I don't know. There are no time machines (as far as I know) so I can't change what I had chosen, but if I could re-live the past years I would have given up on this. As I said, I got through a lot of things and proved myself that I can achieve a lot, by just trying. And I worked hard and it felt rewarding, though I barely got anything for that. Even the knowledge sometimes was less meaningful than the fact that -gosh, tomorrow's deadline for this essay, so I must write - and then ending up just babbling around few subjects on numerous pages and trying to keep it somewhat argumented.
       Yet I don't know why am I even typing these words here instead of trying the sophisticated style matter on my Ms Word document that just stands here, reminding of it's existing and making me so, so sad. I felt like I needed to write these feelings somewhere and this place had became like my online journal. So for this reason, I am publishing it. Even though, it's barely anyone's business or that no one would just care about it. Because, let's be honest, these are my problems, that are actually minor compared to a lot of things people go through these days. It's just the academic stuff which doesn't even offer anything. I don't know why am I just sitting here thinking about it all as something bad yet continuing it. It's weird how we, people, have the chance to change our lifes any minute. Any minute. And instead we just continue doing what we don't like, giving a shit about people who don't even like us, trying to make image and reputation of ourselves and lying that we are fine when aren't and then being mad as no one cares how we feel. I have some close friends with who I can often talk those things off, as we share each other's life. But some days like today I just don't feel like they or anyone would understand. My mates from university though could relate, if they actually had put themselves in so crazy situation. I know some who really did nothing till last weeks. But are they still empty paged today, I don't know. I am quite worried to know. About what will happen to them if they aren't, or a bit mad at myself for not doing what I should asap. I had months for this. Instead I am fighting now for limited hours. What have I put myself through for no reason.
       I haven't spoken a single word today, wanted to write that down for the history of me. It actually feels quite nice. But it is only possible if there is limited amount of time that you may avoid. In a typical going-somewhere day it wouldn't be possble. Not that I could say for barely-known people about how I am losing my piece of mind. Again this comes in a circle, doesn't it. That stupid what-society-others-will-think moment. I just wanted to spend the rest of my life watching films, reading, starring out of the window, going for walks, meeting people in coffe shops, cinema visits, writing for no particular need, have a cat and maybe a dog, and maybe a person who would be nice to me, and you know, just be. Instead we have to pay for living on this planet. It wasn't my choice to be born, why it should be my duty to earn and pay the living? I think it's weird.
       On other note - now need to head back to Ms Word and type my fingers off - if there is such expression. Because thousands of words need to come and the hours are limited. And I just need to write it. Some days ago I even made a huge list on A4 page as the reasons for doing it. Yet I chose sleeping at nights. Silly me. But now, whatever happens, even if apocalypse starts - I will be writing and writing, and writing... Till I finish it. 
       Anyway, it's not yet that warm here, but I already had the chance to pick up some of my favourite wild flowers. I don't know how they are called in English, Google translated them as anemones, but, frankly, putting anemones on search on image tab - those are some other flowers, ugh, like these pretty tiny lilac cuties wouldn't deserve their own pretty name. Oh well. They at least made me smile a bit. If i wouldn't be for them and my twitter addiction, I would barely smile these days. But I still have these pretty flowers in a different little vase and fact that they exist makes me a little happier. Yes, the picture feature my sister's pink slipper, which I didn't notice as I was taking the photo, but I think, as I look at picture now, it fits in the composition. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

9th April

     Let me start with Romwe sale promotion, that IS ON TODAY, for 24 hours. I just got the e-mail about it and I had to get this t-shirt. I love the fact that they have these special promos for certain items in longer period of time, because - this way it's easier to choose (whenever to buy it or not), you don't feel obligated to, but the price here is literally less than half of it, so why not give it a chance. This time it's for the GEEK t-shirt.
     I have been eyeing it for a while, but I wasn't sure if I fit in the criteria for geeks, but then I thought for I literally spend the most of my time by laptop, on internet, so, I am not far from it :D Anyway - if you are also interested, here are the details:

"Geek" Print Grey T-shirt you have never seen before!

Sold at the price of $9.99, original price is $26.99,up to 63%off.
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Worldwide free shipping, shipped in 24 hours.

+some extra info on their site as well [: Shipping though takes some time (those are not literal 24 hours, it means that it's shipped out from Romwe's warehouse asap, but till reaching your post office, it will still take time)

     I think I may get this tee, it looks extremely nice without a jacket, as a Spring/Summer wear, for casual outfits, but surely adding a bit of attitude to any look. You will be noticed. [:

Monday, 7 April 2014

7th April - Novelty Bags

     Well as I at the moment don't want to talk about personal things that much, as basically nothing much happens, for past days it's been raining both - outside my window and in my head. It's calming yet depressing. Fact that my laptop is so warm no longer seem to comfort me as I look for something else. I don't know yet what will the next month bring to me, but at this moment I am full-time dedicated to writing my final paper and it's very important to me. So I try to avoid random babbling (said by a person who spent most of yesterday talking with old friends on Facebook, okay, here I said it, guilty). Those talks though cheered me up and made it easier to continue my work for this unpleasing reading and writing. Even though I am learning a lot of new things, still, the digital-only resources are killing my eyes and I am literally repulsed from my laptop. Yet nothing has appeal and days seem aimlessly spent.
     But then these are those little things that make everything better. At least a bit. For girls those are the cute things. Like ridicilously cute clutches. I hadn't been on ModCloth for a while and, oh boy, I have been missing out. They have got so many new pretty stuff that I wasn't aware of. Unfortunately, this is just a windowshopping for me as I am limited myself at the moment, but I did enjoy starring at items :D These particular ones seemed very detailed, quality ones, which also you may see for the price tags on site, but then again - that gives the chance to stand out the crowd and have something crazier than others, don't you think it's awesome? [: I would want to have them all, even though I wouldn't know where to go with them :D 

     Who is with me for getting a fun clutch?
     I think novelty bags are the best, the only problem is that you can't fit many things there, which for a person like me who feels helpless without too many items. But I guess every now and then, attending some parties or for going out, or just for a walk it would be cute to have one of these just for smartphone and lipstick.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

1st April

     There are those days when I prefer being silent. When I don't post anything anywhere and rather be offline from all the places. Those usually are days when I have overly planned schedule or I just enjoy day off, near nature and going places. But for the past days I have felt like avoiding people. I am still trying to pull myself together for the big finish, when actually I thought I would have been nearly done yesterday and now is already today and have managed to loose hours in doing nothing particular. I know that I have to stop this. You see, in this period of time I haven't even done my favourite things a lot. Though I gave in and spare few hours to read the 8th part of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I still do enjoy it's whimsical way of telling stories that are so hilarious that they may make you laugh out loud or at least chuckle if you are like me who rarely is loud.
     Another little thing - I got fooled a lot in this 1st April and it wasn't funny for how many times I fell for things, but then again - having a good laugh now and then is welcomed, even if it's about yourself being silly. Yet - my favourite prank which filled me with excitement actually were Google Map Application Pokemon challange. Okay, okay, in this post I do seem childish, but I think everyone needs to feed their inner kid and let yourself be rather judged for your choices than not enjoy lifetime fully. And my way were several hours spent searching for famous travel places to catch all of the pokemons. Judge me, I don't mind :D I am still on my quest, but I think I will finish tonight as to have the last print-screen as they all are caught and I may rest at night :D I lost some hours of sleep last night because of this, I admit.
     I will add few more lines as I will be happy enough of having them all :D For once. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

March 31st

     Please, explain someone where did March go. Oh, wait, I was the one who wasted all the time. Right, erm, so at least to have some bigger point to remember about this particular month, I tried to capture today's beautiful daylight and ended up playing a little with my phone camera, creating these black and white photos. I must say my make-up looked awful so I had to shoot in B&W mode, but it also added depth level to the looks. PLUS one of my besties once told me that taking a photo from under would be the most unflattering angle. I wanted to try and, hah, she was wrong. Just look at these photos, they all were made as my phone was laying on the bed and I was standing. I think having such unusal angle added made these selfies unparticular to their usual format that we see daily, everywhere - both in social media and people actually taking photos in real life, next to us, with us, it's mostly annoying me as I don't see much of a point there. But hey, I tried to put some effort on selife taking and I think I mastered it. Probably in future I will try out taking more pictures from such angle, I think it may be my new style. And, yes, it's an ugly light bulb in a lamp on the background, I decided to keep it, to show my literal ceiling.
     Dress I am wearing is Romwe Floral Print Pleated Black Dress [: I love it's cute flower print that has actually many pretty colours (red,pink,blue and green!) on black and surely would fit both in Spring/Summer waredrobe as well as early Autumn. I think it looks neat on this black and white theme as well. The dress has zipper on side, plus a button to secure collar, which is unfortunately not detachable and I am unsure how it would survive washing machine as it's chiffon. But still I am very happy with it's sleevless design and perfect length for those who don't go for too-short dresses like me. 
     I don't know why blogger made them in two tones of B&W, as I clearly have them in one tone, and I tried re-uploading, but I guess, you can't get everything these days. 
     ANYWAY thanks for stopping by [:

March 30th

     I have wanted to mention these in a while, but hey, things happen and there is always something new on tumblr or movies to watch. Just kidding, I actually am now fully into MsWord and PDF files for writing my final paper. Stressing daily. But then there is online shopping that keeps me going, I am slowly becoming an addict, there are three shops that I visit on daily basis to see the new stuff or whenever my wishlisted items are still in stock and waiting for me. 
     Anyway, as I have filled my closet till the point that whenever I open it something falls out, I have been looking more at accessories. My recent purchase were these two pretty statement necklaces that I just had to mention as the quality was supprisingly well done. Even on decent shops many times the things look better from away than in reality, when these are not just pretty, but also lasting. I was going to post this sooner, but the gemstone one went out of stock so I did hope it would be restocked, but it wasn't. Well, maybe some day. Still I have to mention them both. So here they are

They are very detailed, a bit shiny, beautifully created and in colours that may be easily matched. 

    I think they look the best with plain, neutral tops/dresses. The only problem though is fact that nearly everything I own has a print on it. I mean it, I have been going all crazy for particular clothing and now I have the problem of not being able to match prints and yet having no basics. So I think I should go for some basic shopping soon enough. Like white, grey and black tees, something longer in one colour for leggings (as I recently got two more pairs, yikes) and jeans. I have been looking for the perfect, high waisted dark jeans for a while. And even though Summer is coming, I am one of those people who may still be rocking full lengh jeans on June. Because I rather prefer myself fully covered which is probably my way of expressing the opression of female choices on clothing. You see, it's 2014 and we still live in a world in which I may be judged by what I wear and how I expose myself. I have that uncomfortable feeling for night walks and I am, I admit, worried about men around me. And Summer is the most common time for catcalls when people are more lousy, so I rather wear long-sleeved, long jeans and lie to everyone for not feeling hot (as temperature expression) than, you know, do what I would want to do, wear what I would.
     I think this sounds quite pathetic, but I rather keep myself thinking that I haven't triggered anyone, been loud and acted at most situations like I didn't hear anyone saying mean things to me and so. Yet it makes me a ghost. Today (I am writing this on 31th March) I took some random pictures. First three were quite sad. I don't know whenever those were the feminist studies I have been reading that has made my face represent an un-cute pug or it's life in general. Yet as I was getting more into process (I love taking photos afterall, I was getting more and more happier, which made me realize how much I had missed taking random photos which I used to do quite often. It's one of those serious things that if you get too much into studying you end up letting to die a lot of other activities which make the days count. And I think it matters - each (or each other day) find time to do something you love, expanding the view. It can be drawing a tiny cat on your overly serious planner or buying your favourite chocolate box for yourself only, or trying on a totally unusal accessory, or spending some quality time with your sibling. Who knows how much time we have, so let's rather add some quality to our days.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

22th March

I wrote this the other day and I thought that I needed to save it.

      May I start with a statement - I am average.
     Here you won't see anything extraordinary. I don't have a wow-ing style or amazing make-up applying skills or taste for great interior decorating. I actually lack on those. Well, except for style, it's one of those things I get complimented on real life.
     Anyway I am simple. I sometimes don't reveal all the details or say something in what other call 'mysterious' way just because I don't want to say something. It's weird wanting to keep things to myself when whole world is going digital. Everyone is sharing their most private moments online. If there was no photo of it posted, did it even happen?
     It ends up making us all to try hard on creating this alter ego - even the most quite people have so much to say online. Then you meet them and there is this silence. It was a lot more fun online, wasn't it?
   I am the generation that spent their teens online. Thankfully my childhood was filled with old, fancy technology. As a kid I had no computer. But there were those rotary phones, tvs with actual antenas attached and NO remote controls - you had to get up to press buttons on it's monitor. And there were film photo cameras, and my father had a polaroid camera. I don't see him much (actually haven't seen for past 10 or so years), but I still have the polaroids he took from those good old days.
     We, kids, went on actual adventures. As I live(d) on a bit of country side there were those big trees to climb, places to discover and hide. Days seemed fulfilled. Now I see all those people, including kids, and me having screens in fron of our places, enjoying landscapes by capturing them through cameras instead of seeing them. The eye sees a larger scale of colours than camera or monitor. Unless you go on that crazy over-editing mode. Then the beginning image doesn't matter as you may alter it in any way possible.
I started this in a different manner for another matter. But my point was, that no matter what you go through - it's unique experience. But what matters, is the actual experiencing. Seeing pictures or videos from places isn't the same as being there. And looking through screen isn't an actual being in the place.
     Even though texting has become the way of communicating, it's important to meet people more often. Because the memories that matter will be the moments shared, and a fact that you made someone smile won't be as rewaring as actually seeing one.
     I seek for what's real. I look through those digital bits to find what's real.
     And my love for creating outfits is real. My crappy, overly emotional personality is real. My kindness and welcomness (if that's even a word) is true. Call me a dreamer, but I am one of those who want to make world a better place.
     I am still looking for the right way, for my own place and meaning here.
     But I guess, I am on my way, as all of us.
     Always stay true to yourself,
     Because yourself is the only thing you really have.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

March 21th

     A moment ago I was figthing with myself, should I write this post or may I skip it. I thought I had missed only two days, but as you may see, these are three postless days. And quite pointless if you ask me. It seems that I am becoming anxious for even writing a blog post. Wow, what a life I have ahead of me. It's midnight now and I feel like taking a break. I am so exhausted. From everything - eating, social networks, my friends, my phone, internet, screens, my ex, my body, air itself. And life. 
     There is this fact, this possibily that we may just go and change our lives. You know, become anything we wished for, travel to places, kiss anyone you want to, leave the place you come from and start brand new. Anything. We may do anything. You may change your life this very minute by making a crazy plan. All the world is in front of you, and what the fuck (pardon my french) are you doing now? Entertaining yourself within blogging platforms? Looking for pretty aesthetic photos or other people life updates? Hauls and event photos? Really, what are you looking for? 
     And for myself may I ask what am I aiming for within wasting my minutes on writing these few words. Well, I don't know. My eyes actually hurt and I wish I could stay asleep for 24 hours straight. I really feel that bad, yet I don't let myself fall asleep. I should have been working on my paper that's due less than a month. And there is yet so much left to do. And yet I am here for some weird reason. Listening to a mix of old and not so old Brand New songs. They are great as the lyrics are like short stories that need to be felt. Those aren't the best background music, as I always end up listening to lyrics too much. 
     I should have added some pretty photos, but I haven't snapped anything for a while. Neither created in Photoshop. I am having that blank page moment for several weeks now. But my goal is set to spend two next days completely isolating myself from everything. That's the only way I may fully dedicate myself to what I need to do. Going underground. Because for people who put off everything till it's nearly too late -as myself- there are sometimes no other options than a little torturing myself. And maybe treating my social media and online shopping addiction. 
     This whole was most likely a selfish act, but we may all learn from other people experiences, am I right?
     Or maybe I am not. Maybe I am just a silly, introvert, introspective girl who has become shallow.