Tuesday, 26 June 2012

First post

     About blog.
     The name came out of nowhere yet it has a meaning. I have been living with "Eat. Sleep. Blog. Repeat." lifestyle for a while. It was on tumblr (I admit - I was pretty damn addicted). But by time I kind of felt of making a more personal blog - and on tumblr such blogs aren't really welcomed, because people mostly just post/reblog photography and that's it...
     I have been used to blogger platform for ages, though this blog is started only now. The blogs for what I have written/own weren't anything personal. Those have been also kind of connected with other websites and content has always been kind of limited. I wanted to be free and post what I like. And I will, here. Now.
     Oh, as you can see I can easily go from one theme to another. Back to the name of this blog. The letters sleepless represents both "sleep less" and "sleepless". I always tend on sleeping less than people usually do and it many times leads me to being awake lately till like 4am. But just imagine how life would be if you didn't have to sleep. How many more hours you would have. Yes, hours. In life what matters is the timing. And doing.
     This all will be just trying out. To post about what I'd like. Probably fashion, probably arts. Probably something I don't want to forget from the Internet experience and maybe something from it will be interesting for you. Maybe not. Who knows. This is just a very beginning.

     About the person typing this.
     I am ... this is quite tough thing. Whenever I go and write anything on worldwide websites I present myself as Ruth Armani. Though in real life, in my country, in my documents my name is Rūta Ārmane [spelled Ru:ta A:rmane]. Simply based on a fact that no-one will be able to write my name with the special Latvian (my nationality) letters I rather stick with this my name's kind of translated version. [I will be quite annoyed if you ever refer to me as Ruta  - it just sounds unacceptably for me], so if you don't have such letters and you aren't willing to copy&paste that ū letter, then please rather call me Ruth not Ruta. Thanks for being understanding.
    As I kind of mentioned, I come from Latvia. A beautiful but not so well known Europe country. Might be that in future I'll write also about it as wonderful place to visit - not so much as showing-off but simply to admire it's beauty and uniqueness and perhaps by it I'll let you know more about it [:
    And well as if I should mention my occupation then I'm a student on Riga Stradins University, I study there Multimedia Communication - which is quite interesting and fascinating, though the more I study the more unsure I am what it all is about. It's like the mix of all media and the importance of communication and the photography and some writing skills. So kind of this blog is kind of a project too, to try out the writing and communication here (of course if anyone will feel like talking with me :DD).
    Okay, I think it's enough about me for the moment. It's not like the story ends. I know a lot of people in my life about who I'd like to talk about and places I would insist to visit and also tell what's so special about them, but hey, this is the first not last post, right? [: I feel like there is a lot coming to this, so all I can say - let's start it [:


  1. I cannot wait to see more fashion posts by you tbh :)


  2. Hey ruth this blog is as amazing as htgf but htgf is much better as it is the best blog ever and u are superb