Thursday, 28 June 2012

Neon accessories

     Okay, so I have decided to do a post a day, so here how it goes [:
Today the latest hours (before midnight) I spent on browsing sale (this post isn't anything promotional, I'm just writing about what I did, that's all) and I found hundreds of amazing items on sale and literally so cheap that I don't think anyone could resist.
     In my country, Latvia, currently the weather is cold and rainy, but I still have a hope that Summer will come and the Summer dresses will have a chance to be taken out of closet.
     So, while browsing asos, as I noticed the most of accessories on sale were coming from bold and colourful - neon trend (which actually started back on mid-80's). And so by it I decided to make collages of cute and not-so-expensive neon accessories from sale that I liked.
Neon Pink

Motel party dress
$19 -

Melissa flat sandals
$40 -

Pink watch
$17 -

ASOS metal jewelry
$3.31 -

ASOS chain necklace
$12 -

ASOS stud earrings
$4.97 -

ASOS chain necklace
$9.94 -

Colourful Day

Paprika party dress
$33 -

ASOS ballet shoes
$20 -

ASOS clutch handbag
$41 -

ASOS statement ring
$6.63 -

ASOS clip earrings
$6.63 -

Models Own glitter nail polish
$8.29 -


  1. Love the deals that you found!! :))

  2. @NATALIE Thanks so much for feedback :]] Glad you liked