Monday, 2 July 2012

Beware of a Man’s Shadow

     As continuing impersonal yet personal post series. And still looking for a decent blogger template.

      Whole morning today here was rainy - since early morning. And what's the best thing to do on rainy days? You may think - sit by computer/with laptop and browse the newest updates, chat with friends or do other stuff on web - but actually it would be far more better to try to draw something - and I really mean this time the word "try" - because not everyday is meant for that, you can't actually force yourself on drawing (it doesn't end up well).
     Also some inspiration might be useful - but typically to start I never look on particular things to try to reproduce them, in inspiration I look for the feeling, whole concept or the idea itself or maybe a very special detail. And I may say I found spectacular collection to inspire from.
     It's quite hard to say what was first - the art (drawings) or the fashion (caring what you wear). But it's a fact that fashion without artistic creativity would be nothing, and a lot of art without fashionistic touch (with clothing) would be far less expressive.
     So today I stumbled across a great illustration's and fashion's collaboration. As it seems (at least for me) fashion is now trying to find ways to make Men Apparel more attractive and get more of guys attention on fashion - more of stores do special promotionals for guys, lately I have seen numerous of awesomely dresses guys on most hyped looks on lookbook and it's all because the high fashion has started it. But well, I think - it's great. In my country, there are many guys who have no special style and who seem not to care that much about the clothes which could make them look more attractive - not just in looks, but as we know, having  a personal style is a nice add-up to any personality.
     So anyway, enough of my talking, let's have a look at what I saw today is the amazing 'Beware of a Man’s Shadow' which is actually an illustration film made by Canadian art director and illustrator - Tara Dougans featuring her choice of 7 spectacular and in same time playful and unique this season's menswear outfits. Important fact to know before seeing her art - ALL the illustrations are hand-drawn. The idea of collection was inspired by the Burmese proverb 'Beware of a man's shadow and a bee's sting'.
     Another thing - we all have fallen in love with animated pictures, aren't we? Thousands of gifs are daily getting posted and forwarded on any kind of picture sharing websites and many more. So it's a great addition to the collection - she has taken illustration to another level by creating  animated gifs for her illustrations, which you can reblog from her tumblr.
     Now, let's head to the film and gif images:

Real life's Runway's inspiration for illustrations (Photo courtesy of GQ-magazine)

     Though, maybe I am doing wrong on just highlighting one illustrator (read: genius) from many, but as I don't have a limit to how many posts I can make, I think I could do weekly posts. For example - on Mondays I could write about Fashion Illustration each week. And find such themes for other days. Like Runway fashion, fav editorials and something that way. Afterall I mostly feel like this blog is for me, a quite newbie on fashion world, who feels like knowing so little, so these all posts would end up being a huge directory of what I have found inspirational. And hopefully - you too [:
     P.S. I guess I write too much. Sorry :D


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