Thursday, 13 December 2012

How to find image source

     Wow, just wow. It's been ages since the last post and I somehow thought that together with writing (nearly) daily essays and study assignments I could manage it, but somehow, I lost myself in timelessness.
     Anyhow - the time when I started writing this post - was the last significant date - 12.12.12 - in my life. And probably in yours too (unless you manage to make yourself live for another thousand years) and so I decided that I should write something here - to save the pretty date on blog's history. And as the date is special and meaningful, I thought that I should also post about something that matters.
     I have been telling about this feature to a lot of people lately but still there are many who seem to hear it first time. So I bet there must be somone who may read this and learn something.
We all do know well our favourite search engine -
     Without it, we would be lost on the space of Internet. It's such a helpful tool that works so well if you know what to write about. Either names, titles, definitions, dates, anything textual. But there is also Image Search by images.
     If you are a bit like me and you enjoy browsing through such platforms like Tumblr or Pinterest - you will surely have had a situation when you see something you like (piece of clothing, artwork, design, etc) BUT there is no real credit. No proper source link or name of the artist/shop/anything. I don't know how it seems from your point of view, but for me - when I see something I like, I want to see more or maybe even own it. And for that - I need the source, the person who made it, owns it. Either to adore the beauty of art, check other blogger's outfits or look-up the amazing online store that sells those beautiful garments. Do I sound familiar? Have you ever wanted to get more, see who was the original photo owner?
     Well then - you can. With our beloved Google. And it's even simplier than you may think.

1)Spot a photo you like - either because of it's product, model, photographs artistics, art, design, illustration - really, any kind of a photo that's posted.
2)For easier experience Open it on a new tab, so it's there the only thing
3)On another tab, open Google Image Search section
4)Go back to image's tab. Click on it and without releasing, point on Google's tab, it will open and then put the image in search bar and then finally release the image
5)Look through the results - in case it's all about Tumblr*/Pinterest use describing - blogspot/flickr/deviantart or any other possible platform that includes posting personal work. Or online store. Or some other more descriptive words.
*A reminder that there are also plenty of artist tumblrs and fashion ones too, so if the description seem like a real person's creation blog, then it actually might be what you were looking for.

Example given with my recent search.
I am one of those people who firstly do a research of products and online stores - for looking-up for discounts and finding ways to get clothing for not expensive prices. There are several well-known Chinse re-seller sites that offer same items. So it's worth to have a look around web.
I have keen my eye on this sweater.

It firstly was on Oasap but for $52. I didn't feel like paying it. Recently I found out this cute sweater has become available on for just $27 But yet before ordering felt a need to see more of it and went to Oasap's page for buyer photos which are such a great addition to an online shop - seeing items on real people makes it easier to understand how they look in real life. And there I saw this photo.

And I totally loved this well put-together outfit. Everything is matched and I felt a wish to see more of this girl's style. But, unfortunately, there was no link to a blog mentioned.
BUT thanks to the search option I easily found out her blog - Galiciademoda. It is written in Spanish - which is significant as this semester I started learning Spanish, and I felt so proud of being able to understand what are those paragraphs about.

And yeah, it's about it. Actually if I deleted all the personal comments on this post it would just be few step, few second thing to do. Image searching is easy and once you get used to it, you will be able to always find the actual source.
I hope this was at least a tiny bit useful. Even if not so much - thanks for reading/checking those few pictures :D


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