Saturday, 13 July 2013

Watermelons For Sale // Fruity Friday

   Hello. I had wanted to post about watermelons for ages, and now I am finally doing this. 
   It's Summer time (still) and fruits are not only one of favourite's choice for a treat but also a choice in prints. Lately I have been seeing more and more of fresh and cute clothing and accessory pieces that can be used to make anyone's style a bit sweeter and more Summery. If you google for "Watermelon outfit" nothing much comes up, so I gathered some of my Internet, Pinterest and Etsy finds with links to shops. 

   The hottest on trend are Lazy Oaf X Nasty Gal -- Shorts -- Crop Top -- and Backpack
You can either get them on (linked search) on LazyOaf or NastyGal (choosing the one with lowest shipping to your country). Shorts are currently out of stock. Temporary, I hope.

   On Etsy as follows -- Bag -- Bustier Top -- Case -- Ring -- Overalls -- Dress. I managed to find quite many watermelon designs which didn't look childish but actually very chic and stylish. (Referencing again to google which still thinks that watermelon design is meant only for 6-year-old girls, like stop being like that).

   Plus some more which I have stumbled upon quite randomly. Asos Bag, O-Mighty Bralet, LovelySally Bikini Top and Bottom (sold separately), AndClothing Top and Two watermelon nail designs to suit both - whenever you rather prefer pale watermelon design or if you like it brightly red

   And last but not least, I collected some street style inspiration from well known and liked lookbookers. All of them - first, second, third, forth and fifth show how well watermelon print can be added to any style and look just great. Unfortunately the most of items styled have been sold out, but I bet there will be many more watermelon designs to be seen around. 

I personally would love to have wear them all.
Which ones are Your favourites? And which other fruit you'd like to wear?

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  1. Loving watermelon print! You chose some really nice pieces. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger