Friday, 10 January 2014

10/365 Tumblr

     There simply are such days when you end up spending time actually outside of your comfort zone, good job. But then there are those, which are spent by doing silly things. Such as reblogging neat photos on tumblr. I haven't yet been able to explain this phenomen - why people (including me) actually enjoy this process so much it may take whole day, but it is real. And seriously many hours are spent that way on my life. But I don't regret it, because the dashboard has been as exploring for new people, new things, new art pieces, new authors and many more. And just for the stopping moment to appreciate how beautiful this world is - both created by nature and humans.
     I made a screenshot of my tumblr, because I have started using that website for artsy needs, emerging more and more with the artsy side of it, with contemporary artist works. If you enjoy it, have a visit to my weirdly named - I am though thinking of giving it a new name, since the artless part seem to become unsuitable for the posts now. 
     In other words - I just didn't feel like saying anything particular for today. I think I will print some of print-screens. They would make neat posters. Actually - all photographies are even better when they can be touched and put somehwere - to the wall, in notebook or scrapbook or just kept between book pages as somewhat secret. Like I had done, when it was film/polaroid age.

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