Saturday, 11 January 2014


     I will be short today. The more days I am writing this, the more I feel like typing less. This blog isn't the first thing that comes on my mind on my to-do list when I turn on my laptop (so does checking e-mail, checking social networks), but then when I am about to do something time consuming - I end up being like - hey, oh, I have this place and I just need to..
     But some days like today, I just end up having this blank template for several minutes, being unsure what to even say, and then at one moment I just end up typing this nothing particulary special or meaningful that would give this any specific meaning. Like just another waste of internet's space. But here we are. Here I am.
     Anyway, like I wanted to say - today I went to cinema and finally saw Frozen (2013) a Disney movie that wasn't as cliche as I thought it would be. The directors change by time, but these are the same as they were for Tangled (if you have saw it you will notice how the horses were basically the same there and here) Back to the point, I always love when the ending has a bit of a twist and isn't what you thought at the begining of it. Unfortunately, it didn't have as much of funny scenes as I expected, though then again I started rethinking that Disney's cooperation in animation doesn't put that much of goofs and hilarious moments as other companies do. Here was more of beautiful singing, nicely told cute story that isn't meant for kids only (it's about love in different ways, but for some, whomay have not felt that much of love in their family - well this film will assure you that just not all are able to show the love even though they wish, they could), it was beautiful. And even more amazing fact is to think how this entire world was even created. Those people who work in animation really do deserve their salary no matter how many digits it has. Or even more. So I would suggest going and seeing it in the cinema, or buying it. (For re-watching needs and wishes, it's sure possible to find it online, but those breathtaking landscapes are worth to be seen on a big screen).
     That's about it for now. I am now off to watch The Basketball Diaries (1995) with Leonardo di Caprio being young and extremely attractive. 

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