Sunday, 12 January 2014

12/365 Spring feeling

     From personal point of view, today I got to see a friend who I haven't hugged for months (but had talked a lot via internet) and baked cookies. And finished Dance, Dance, Dance book. And played with my sister, and typed these words. And spent some time on tumblr (read: a lot of time). Another day lost, though here the snow is snowing, then melting, but it's some degrees minus. I so dislike the coldness..
     So I decided to fill my blog with something happy. When watching films lately I always paid attention to Spring scenes, with birds singing, green plants and flowers. Oh, I miss it all so much. So instead of saying nothing much I figured out, it would be lovely to feature some neat photograhpy. It's not mine, I am not any good when it comes to having nice light and colours for photos. I must master more the use of Photoshop, otherwise I sort of have it and can do some basic stuff (read: ruin photos), mostly as I have used to it as drawing tool. 
     Anyway, here are some photos of Spring that I found today and wanted to save for my own needs and something to look forward to [: 
Photos by qrumipan on flickr [:

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