Wednesday, 1 January 2014

1/365 Rush Film

-- intro --
   I have always wanted to do the 365 day challange OF SOMETHING, but never did. As I wasn't sure about what to do it. And I still don't. But I was recently thinking about two things 0
1)I miss writing diary
2)I spend nearly every single day of the year (for years) online
   About the 2nd one - I am sort of no longer even ashamed of it. Internet has become a huge part of not only my life, whether it's just a quick check for notifications or texting someone via app - it counts already.
   And since I have way too many platforms that I sort of have, but don't use (as this one) I decided to needlessly trash internet some more. I know there are like millions of people writing something for particulary nobody - not that I believe this could become something, but yet, as if I write my words digitally, they might as well get published
   So - I am going to write. Possibly - each day. A thing I already set up recently was idea of watching a film a day. Those are just 2 hours from the fully enjoyable and busy-way-spendable 24. I think everyone could manage squeezing a film in any schedule, maybe cutting a bit off from the sleeping.
   Writing for no one to reply, as a new-bie blogging seem to be, is a new thing to me, so I may end up trying variety of media or so. But for today, it's about films
-- intro --

   Today I watched an amazing film that I would want to put on my -the very best of 2013- film top 3 list (in which I also included - Broken Circle Breakdown - most devastating film I had ever seen, but yet the way it was shown, the narrative was a pure mess if you would have to analyse it, but for watching experience - it was beautifully told story that was originally a play for theathers;
   And the other independent Europe cinematography piece that was noticed during Kannes - Blue Is The Warmest Colour - minus the sex scenes which were in my opinion too loud and long (I'd even say annoying) it didn't feel as those would have been in total nearly 3 hours, but it seemed so natural and true story about fellow girl's Adele's life. Interesting fact is that it was originally an illustrated book or call it a comic, with girl named Clementine, but as the young actress - Adele - was filmed in rather personal moments outside the filming spot, as she was going to it, or just eating - she ended up given the name for her character as playing herself - at least it did feel like that).

   So the film I just watched and think is equally amazing or even more - is Rush. The most amazing thing about it surely is the fact that it's based on true events. I love directors who do create their own worlds by fully creating the story from nothing - maybe a small talk or dream - but it's still writing it all from zero point. Then there are the ones who make adaptions from books, novels that are designed and shaped by the way they director sees them (it's also good for giving more attention to the original story authors, some of the books become bestsellers after being screened). But then there are directors like Ron Howard who take things seriously when it's about creating a film based on true life events.
   The documentary/biography genre though seemingly may be applied to films that are complete fantasy, like Forrest Gump (which I recently re-watched), it's done so well to make it seem like the character would go and be at those certain events - though the history chronology was real (which is good thing), but the main story was just made up. The the Rush film - it's about real people - F1 drivers from another decade. And at first seconds it may seem not a thing to be interested in, it got me in, same as the Fight Club - the short logline about what kind of people it is, whether sports, racing or fighting - it can be equally interesting as the usual genre you like. If just the story is told well, and for this film - it sure is.
    In long terms - to read if everything was fully in film as in real life (some things weren't, you can read in a descriptive yet interesting comparison on article HERE. But, in brief, it's a story about two young and competitive race drivers who risk their lives while driving extremely fast cars. Though it's shown in a way that makes you both - feel sympathetic and disliking the both main characters, you get to know them, see how they grow from unknown persons to stars who are asked for autographs and having journalists following them for questions. Before seeing it I hadn't thought about how actually dangerous this sport is, and how big pressure is put from other people and how it's also a part of business and putting a lot of money in, where loosing is not just a personal thing.
     It didn't made me cry, but it sure made me think about ways of living life and not giving up the wanting to pursue dreams. They didn't have any particular talents, but they didn't seem to have any other thing to do than driving. It made me wish to find a sphere which would make me feel like doing it was the right thing.

    So if you haven't seen it, I totally would recommend it as a change for the usual, fictional stories [:
    That's all, for this day, I am about to watch another film by the same director - A Beautiful Mind.
    That's it for now,
Ruth [:

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