Saturday, 18 January 2014


     I like creating lists, here is why
     1)lists onyl contain valid points
     2)it's easier to notice things on lists
     3)somehow lists are mostly short and simple
     4)writing them makes you feel like you accomplished something
     5)I like to strikethrough things like this
     6)lists aren't infinite

     When I was a kid, I used to have a diary, some sort of journal where I glued some photos from magazines, added stickers and told short stories about my life. Mostly consisting of - he looked at me or we went there and there. Those at that time were like little secrets I trusted the paper. Luckily they all (I had more than one, as adding photos took more space than expected) survived without being found and read (as far as I know). Though, there would still be a lot of emberessing details there.. But then again - there are thousand of times about old times, clothes we wore back then, music we listened to, that no longer would be considered by yourself as acceptable. But then, it was the THING. So it's nothing to regret, but yet it's just weird. The fact that people change so much in many ways is crazy, but then there are things that stays the same. 
     No matter how many years have passed my favourite colour is light blue as was my first grade's backpack I specially had chosen. It had Bambi on it. As which was my favourite Disney film, which I still love. And I still adore Disney films. I admire the beautifully and happily told tales plus all the effects and hardwork of animation creators. Actually any kind of animation - even if it's small - I admire it. It's like making something you have drawn alive. And it's the most amazing thing ever.
     I have set myself a goal to learn to make GIFs this year. Like animating them from static not using already pre-made vids to make them into animation fragments. I want to learn to make things to move.
      Even though I have another paper due Monday, I will give two hours of my life to finally see Life Of Pi (2012). When it was on big screens, I hadn't read the book. Now I am prepared for the visual joy knowing the story already. 

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