Wednesday, 22 January 2014


   Even though I was thinking about giving up all this 365 concept (and it wasn't even a month with it), but then I thought - no. If I have started something, I have to carry on. At least for a month. Or two. Or so. Even as if the days are getting sooo busy within papers due. And I literally shouldn't be typing this now. I should be starring at my empty Ms Word document trying to figure out what to write in it. 
    Yet as for reconstructing my 20th, I needed to mention this particular artist - Lissy Elle. Her photography sometimes shows up on social media, many times without her name with them, but even as if I hadn't seen all her photos, I managed to trace them to see some similarities. Anyway, especially I am in love with her ''fine art'' section's ones. Those girls that are seeminly floating in the air look so dreamy, like a shot from a fairytale. I wish someone would make something like that for me as well. The plain pretty Photoshopped shoots aren't giving any interest to me.
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