Wednesday, 29 January 2014


     This day, 22th January, I felt tired (or even exhausted and just gave up. I did the silliest thing I could. I actually spent previous days writing on my thesis about my 15 thousand word paper I will be writing in next months. I don't know why I needed such a long period to just do nothing mostly after figuring out my thesis, to just sit back and relax. It's been week as I am writing this, but I will try to rebuilt this day.
     I mostly just slept. If you have had about a week for stressing and thinking - everynight I turned off my light - my worrying thoughts turned on for hours and I just never felt any better in the morning - and so it continued till I ended up getting an apathy for few next days, including this particular Wednesday. And here is a particulary awful text. Like in times when there are millions of fonts, I ended writing this in a child way. Silly me. 

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