Friday, 3 January 2014

2/365 Stickers

     I literally missed today, and it was for two things -
first, I had put this date for cleaning out my closet - as putting away clothing I no longer wear,
and second, for getting all excited about... stickers I got :D
     So let's call this post as Ebay finds - stickers [: For cheap*
     It may seem silly, but for my new Planner seemed too monochrome and serious, so I wanted to touch it up with some cuteness. I am not one of those who can at random moments grab a pen and doodle something ordinary neat. So I was looking for some help :D
     And without even expecting to get the stickers so soon, I got them this morning and used nearly all of them :D
     I am usually one of those who are hardly ever willing to make decisions, even doing something as small yet permanent as putting a sticker on paper (which are hard to get off without tearing it) soo, this was sort of a new thing :D
     I got it from ebay from seller named: melodykit  [:
     The set in a nicely looking envelope was sent from Korea plus I even got two little extra stickers as gifts [: How cool is it? 
     Unfortunately this set is sold out for this seller (though you can have it here--, but it's a bit more expensive, currently $9.54)
     If you are also interested in having a similar cute-vintage type of stickers I found some other suggestions from same seller I shopped [: And surely I am going to get some more [:
     Here I collected few of my current favourites [:

     All of them are more than one sheet which is great I think [: The more, the better [[:
     These are one of the cheapest (usually sheets are for like 10$ as I have seen) plus they are Free Shipping [:     Need to say more? [: 
     Anything you choose will surely make any white page a lot nicer [:

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