Friday, 3 January 2014

3/365 Calendars

      I could as well start these lines with words -Dear Diary-, this is what it's slowly becoming.
      I was thinking of writing about how today was both a mailday for two neat sweatshirts plus I also started a new book, but as today was way too dark, the photos wouldn't be appealing, at all.
     So to move to what I wanted to talk in this post are Wall Calendars 2014. You may be one of those people who don't find them useful, but I just recently had situation while talking on phone I felt a need for a visually neat reference to know which date is which day of the week. And so today I stumbled upon a few on Pinterest, so I decided to create a list for the record [: I love creating lists as you may see.

        I adore this one from because it's not just overly pretty and fresh - it also has a concept within (flowers do fade away just as the months end). Plus it's very beautiful. Let's you have flowers near your desk all year long.

     This may be my very favourite from Every each of month is made in a yummy food yet styled in a minimalistic way. I so love the colours used.  It's quirky and cute and yet it's made in a manner that will fit in any place. If you love having colours around you in details [: I didn't put all of the months, but surely, give them a visit [:

Seasons 2014 Calendar

     This one is a bit simplier and minimalistic, to be honest, I simply fell in love with the colours I saw on, just look at [: Too bad, though, that the pale pink was just a show-off part :D I think I have finally out grow my old me who had gotten sick of pinkish stuff (which sort of happens to many girls after being dressed and used to pink things for their first years of life).

     And yet another is with... guess what? OWLS! Found on here Owls are my favourite birds because of tjeiry fluffy feather and piercing yet cute looking eyes. So here is a chance to even put together a calendar with pre-made illustrations. I love seeing how each artist sees owls differently.. It actually ends up being a tough decision making on choosing which ones to take.

    Found on - it's this white template for each month in a pretty font to add to anoy of your own photos [: I really liked it, as a nice way to establish your own photography [:

      That's it for today [: Tomorrow I will post about films I watched these days [:

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