Sunday, 5 January 2014

4/365 - Reading

     Hi, so the most of the day I was fully paying my attention to this particular book - Dance, Dance, Dance by Haruki Murakami (if you want you may have a look at it and read few first pages on amazon here). And I ended up being so into it that I sort of put off my life responsibilities, whoops.
     But this is one of those books that whic you start reading - you will want to finish it. Even though it's very beautifully written, it seems as every paragraph is written thoughtfully and with a message in it. And as even it all is so full by it already, there may something inbetween the lines.
     And again, I just missed posting this before midnight. I guess I don't make a great day blogger, eh.
     Anyway, I collected some of the qoutes, I wrote them down randomly, in a quite ugly handwriting and not mentioning the page numbers, so here is a neater version of this mess.
     Even though I am usually not a fan of fantasy, but here, it's so well emerged in reality scenes that it just ends up making to question are there paralel worlds and universes. I would love to believe in that, as maybe there are some life afters, and that some explanations on what happens on this world are actually connected with those, other. Ahh, this book surely left me wandering on my own mind. I haven't yet finished it and so I have this feeling of both - wanting to know how the story goes and ends, and yet wanting not to finish it, knowing that hurtful feeling of closing the last page of a really well written, felt and loved book.

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