Monday, 6 January 2014

5/365 Films

     I may or may not keep all of these posts, I don't know yet, maybe they will end up becoming a digital diary or just something to leave to past and forget. I don't know, yet.
    As for films - I spent yesterday's night (or today's morning) watching two silly movies - The Cabin in the Woods and This is the End. An interesting coincidence is that the first one ended within an apolalyptic moment and the second one was about having it. And both were about God thing - though the first one was made as a horror film as reality show way, like people were filmed while being trapped and tortured to get killed as a part of ritual to save the world (sounds as weird as it was there), and the End - well it was a comedy to say the least. I think it would be even better to watch it while being drunk - it's just ridicilously over reacted, but hey, there were some decent and well known actors as (James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and some more who were in few scenes. 

     And even though I am usually into thoughtful films and even dramas, these movies were fun and I never, ever regret watching anything. Plus - it's nice to take a break from all the seriousness time by time. But then again I will also admit ocasionally having my phone in my hand and texting. It's just how it is, if the film isn't making me to think or try to solve something, I sort of end up staying in this world, and paying attention to notifications, which is silly to be true, but then again, that's life now.
     The Cabin though at the beginning had some really well made scenes with beautiful shots and angles, which I always do appreciate, if I am left here, wondering how did they film this and that. PLUS - Look at it's poster. I love when films are having a conceptual ideas made for promoting them, not just a plain - photos of actors on one colour's background, or so-. Though at this point - I will also add that it surely was unexpected, but not that overly great as the poster tries to show. I was thinking about doing a research if the family mentioned there was actually real. I really do enjoy when any kind of films are based on real life, especially horror - as it makes you see and experience how many fcked up things have happened. As those are just untold stories. But then again - the genre doesn't matter, it's just nice that directors spend their time and put effort in reconstructing the past events for these day viewer. I am not ashamed to say that I have got known about many things actually from the films - as they work as a great media which is available to masses, plus they also give coverage and make subjects mentioned as something to look up, which then fills internet, giving more content to those, who are interested in knowing more. 

     But if we talk about what's special about The End one - it was interesting to see the actors being out of their role, they truly seemed like having fun filming it. It's one of those rare things, because we all get used to their actor images, they even end up having sort of the same roles, seeing them in so many films, we end up not knowing who they are. Even on interviews everyone wants to see their most known character, the one they acted, not their real self. Because even if we seem interested in little things and perks about them, actually it's still a part of an image. And they all did great - at having fun and proving that within just that it's possible to make a whole damn movie that is actually watchable.

      Within this I will end this late post. You see - in somewhere on the world, it's still the 5th Jan. And there are no bad films or movies. Everyone making them has put a little or even a whole lot of effort to create them. Let's just appreciate it.

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