Monday, 6 January 2014

6/365 Albums

     Look who is about to post sooner than midnight. Unbelievable. Anyway - for this post I was having a hard time thinking what to write about as today turned out as one of those days that just pass by, nothing particular happened, except for pancakes.
     I spennt several hours within cleaning my tumblr likes - I am one of those people who save things, thinking that I may want to look at them again, or that they were needed to show to someone else and so.. I still have more then 26k to go within all my work today :D 
     And this written thing was open for several hours and I just couldn't get it done. It's hard, but starting from the zero point may also be difficult, but then at least it's interesting. I am one of few people who dislike white colour, and seeing it being blank, meaningless, plain - it just bother me, somehow. I wish it was possible to add some colours while typing these words. 
     ANYWAY while killing time I ended up thinking about how many times music has saved me, yesterday's night when it was like 3am, and I had no sleep, my only company were the albums I had. And so I want to save my memories and yet be thankful for having these wonderful albums - I don't call them as songs as I think every and each song of these are just purely amazing that they all fit together. There are albums where like a half and a bit more songs are ah-mazing, but then the other ones are like mehh, but here, on these five, my favourite albums of 2013 - every and each of them is beyond amazing, so I see them as whole.

     If You Leave by Daughter. I listened to it a lot when I was together my most loved person. The song Youth then seemed as a story, not a personal thing, I felt like the lucky one when I stumbled upon it on Tumblr. The song Peter - it felt like written by me, I know people at 21 who think they are still a child, and I feel like not giving a fuck. Like people within reaching a certain age should learn to do things, like maybe being responsible would be a start. When my relationship ended, or most likely, let's say, took a long pause (he recently sent me a letter written on typewriter saying he was sorry for how it ended). But this sure is one of the best music albums for full range of emotions sang in a charming manner.
     Bad Blood by Bastille. This was my Summer to-go album. I listened to it whenever I went out. Always starting from the first song, Pompeii. The line about how am I going to be an optimist stuck on my head, though I wouldn't say that I listened that much to the lyrics as I just did to the music, to how it just sounded. As my favourite song would probably be Icarus, I felt touched by it's lyrics, whenever whole album was on, each and every time I paid unintentionally paid attention to listening to it, then again distracting from words and more enjoy it as wonderful sound. Also a plus for this album is that it didn't feel as being all-about-love-stories kind, which sometimes bore me.
     The 1975 by The 1975. This album is oh-so-lovely and just ahhh. If you were one of those overy obsessed with The XX for certain period, then you will fall for this band as well. I don't have the needed terminology to describe the genre, but the sound of them will make you happy. At least that's how those songs work on me. Plus the song Girls went liek - I like your face despite your nose (which is a huge issue for me :D) which is nice. Always find something personal, then it has another value to everything. It's one of those bands that have very simple names for their songs and yet every of them is special and loved. In cases when I don't know what to listen, while having that can't-decide moment, I will go for this album. And believe me - those 50 minutes will go faster than you think while listening to it. So you may as well reply them. And again. And again. Plus I have to mention that their cover and branding was done by amazing artist  Samuel Johnson link< to who's portfolio I saw from Pinterest Poster inspo I was looking for. 
      Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend. I have liked Vampire Weekend music for quite a time and when I got to know they were having a new album that, 2013, year, I was truly excited (the other bands were unknown till 2013 to, just for the reference). Soo I was waiting and I was rewarded with even better verion of my expectations. These songs sure work as cheering up and making me want to dance to them (even though I don't :D). Diane Young which is probably most known is my very favourite [: It's simple, energetic and seemingly fun [: I even recently got a sweatshirt with this band's album, because the cover is just gorgeous, isn't it?

     I do not call this as a particual order, I don't feel like being able to just say one is better than other, they all come with their own stories for other reasons why I love them, so I just rather will say that I love them all equally [: All I can add is that I am happy that we are able to listen to whatever we like thanks to the freedom of internet so far. Imagine if all we had were what radio provided and what was sold on record stores. 

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