Tuesday, 7 January 2014


     You know, there just are those days when nothing special in particular happens. At least it seems so. And they just come and go, making it seem like they weren't anything at all. Today may be one of them. Though I checked two things off my to-do list and had some great time at my friend's who became 21 today. I don't really feel like saying anything, it's just personal stuff that matters to few people. 
     One of things I need to do is tidying. And it's meant to be as underlined and bolded word. I am not just talking about my stuff that's been laying on the floor, on places it shouldn't be. I am also talking about old things that have happened that sort of enters my mind as thoughts and memories. I need to stop doing that. It may make you to question - why actually? Isn't it nice to have something to be attached to? 
     Well, I think, that the progress can't happen if you don't feel f r e e . And that's not a one day's process or something to do. It's a way of living, but I am one of those who just gather all the things around myself, never putting them where they were, so I end up making not just my room, but my whole life in an actual chaos. And that scares me a bit.Though at the same time - it's nothing that couldn't be overcome. 

     I wanted to also mention yesterday's film - Taxi Driver (1976), directed by Martin Scorsese. It is quite old and at the first moment I didn't seem to like it, I already was being a bit mad at my friend who suggest me it. But actually it was truly great - the way it was filmed made you feel like you are a taxi driver at some parts, the scenes were as you  would be looking out of a window - which is one of my favourite activities on roadtrips, public transports and even from my bedroom or kitchen. Ermm, also a thing that makes this film unusual was the love storyline there - the usual guy-meets-a-girl-and-they-become-a-happy-couple was twisted - the guy surely did meet a beautiful woman, he sort of embarassed himself, did things to make her go on a date, you know, usual movie stuff.
     But in this film - it went on unexpected way. Things did NOT turn out the good way. They both felt like they weren't the real -ones- for each other, they were too different (oh snap, here you go to all the movie cliches - it doesn't work always that simply, even not on the movies). Which made the whole story more interesting, though, the bad part was that the guy was a bit crazy. And he reminds me so much of one guy who became really eagger to get my number. I am sort of happy things didn't end up serious with him. 
     Basically to anyone thinking what to watch, ever - you should look up any of Martin's Scorsese's films. The cinematography at it's best, with yet having a well told story that actually is touching and not to be forgotten for sure [: Though I haven't yet seen the new one, The Wolf of Wall Street, but it just can't be bad [:

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