Wednesday, 8 January 2014


    It's been only a week with this thing. This - Dear Diary - sort of thing. And this is when the real life comes in and everything seems to revolve about time and stupid things that make me feel sick. Like deadlines, mess at my place, meeting two faced people, having to talk about studies, studies in general (as talking about all the assignments, I have yet to do). And just ughhh. Therefore I ended up spending the most of the day trying to figure things out on how to manage them.
    And then for some time I was able to spend time with reading the book, still Murakami - Dance, Dance, Dance. It's one of those fulfilled books that can't be finished as fast as you may, because it has deeper meanings, a lot of thinking monologues which make me thing about my own life and situations I have been and may be in in future. 
     Yesterday's night I spent skyping with a person  with who I have a long past. We are those old time friends who fell in love and sort of never ended doing so, but our lives were set apart. It just couldn't continue the way it was. Plus now, when we talk more rarely, the conversations are actually a lot more meaningful, more precious. It's no longer the plain - how have you been doing.. It's talking about a lot of things that have happened, and even the media we have spent time with, as we no longer really know how we spend days, but we know as we were, and there are certain things about people which never change. And that's how the many-year-long friendships survive. Even by not seeing those special people, you end up still having the connection. Though, there are people who try to change, but deep inside - I don't think it's possible to change and become a different person. 
      Like me - I am one of those people who do babble and say things like - I wish I did so, I wish I become more this and that, but instead I am just sitting now and writing this, unable to even make this text as something, just look at this, it's boring and plain. A way to go, high five. 
      Okay, let's not be that critical. I mean, this blog makes me give some minutes of my daytime, it makes me think of words, but does it make me to try to improve, which would be possibly the most important thing? I actually no longer feel confident about my English spelling or word use. I should probably spend more time reading in this language. I should, but will I? I will probably put it off, for later. As nearly everything.

      For visualisizing needs, let me here feature my new found wallpaper - found via tumblr (of course) and can be seen from more angles on photograph's Peter Spencer flickr It's taken on Norway, such a magical shot [: It sure states the fact that sky can be green. Meaning - all of the colours may be seen at the sky at certain times. The sky is the only limit (quite from somewhere), but as this proves - sky is limitless.

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