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Great FILMS that you may not know + more

      Oh hello, there. This post is about missed January days. I will start with saying that there is nothing easier than giving up on something. *Scrolll*
    Just leaving it there, somewhere in a corner and saying yourself that you will do it later and spending anoher night doing nothing in particular and just thinking about other stuff that rarely matters.
    It ocassionally happens with me. Even as I wrote this sentence I just randomly was checking my both twitter accounts. AND AT THE SAME TIME, I know, if I won't do all the things I think I should, I won't feel happy about myself. Yet I have missed like 20 days. (update: I started typing this few days ago) GOSH. To be honest, though, for few last days I have had a willing ... and I again ended up being on twitter. Fck. Addictions aren't cool. ... *Keep scrolling for movie posters* ---

    For some reason I am one of those people who usually just start not doing something they had decided to do. I have given up on a lot of things I may have mastered. Like drawing (I still like to, but I am not good at it), playing chess (I used to be unbeatable), science (I was so interested in it thinking I could find a cure and do better to world), writing (started as poems and developed in short stories, though I still think I may write a book one day) and having horses (I had a dream that I may have several of them and ride whenever I want, living in a pretty country house) and SO ON. It is as the most all my life would consist of such things that for that time seemed silly (as well as writing blog now), but yet, eh, I literally live within a screen facing my face. I do, I admit. So why not write something from time to time. I daily see hundreds of things, and I am not good at remembering them, I tend to forget those little things that made me smile or think about life. It's the reason why I made this blog, as a place where to keep some bits. 

     I was thinking of writing down some things (but mostly at that time I was just stressing about my thesis for university, soo, there wasn't much of social life events), but I will just share my most liked films (I have set myself a goal of watching one day) I saw from January's last days/nights, which are worth to watch and may not be that known. ---

     25.01. The day when I saw Suicide Room (2011). Before seeing it, I saw THIS GIF --> randomly on tumblr, without any source appearing various times on my dashboard, and there was no source, people were asking who is he, pointing at the scars on his arm... Don't get the title wrong, it's not that depressing or about suicides in general and ignore the emo-ish look, what matters is the story. The title comes from a chatroom's page (some years ago chatrooms was such a big thing, where random people met and talked without revealing their real information, mostly acting something they had wanted to be in life) which connects people from different places, who seem to have lost the meaning of life and all the events, so they end up living on the internet, and having life screwed because of the cyber bullying on social media. It's easy to relate for me and many others. Luckily, I never got to the point of never leaving room (as that main protagonist did). Let's hope the future is brighter to all of us than this guy (I dare you not to fall in love with him while waching the film)

     You may or may not know Donnie Darko (2001) - if you haven't seen it, you should; and even if you have seen it - it is worth to watch it again. I saw it 2nd time and I am already planning another time - a lot of details will be seen only when you know the story. It is about time travelling, and it makes you wonder if there are situations when we have already lived the time we are in. It is one of my favourite ones and I am forever thankful to my friend who showed it to me. It is thought provoking making you think about life concept itself and question the -Every living creature dies alone- quotation. It is also has connection with two classic stories - The Destructors and Watership down (discussed in film a bit, and worth the reading or at least knowing about them). Actually I may write a whole post or an argumented essay about this film. Only one warning - Frank's face is quite disturbing so if you are like me who tend to have bad dreams that include movie monsters (I am not ashamed, ok) - don't look at it too closely. AND BTW - It's the first feature film appearance for Seth Rogen.

     A more recent film The Kings Of Summer (2013) which for not being that known is such a shame. It is great - it's one of those easy-to-watch, has some funny moments. In brief - it's about this boy who decides to not to live with his father and just go off to woods. He companions with this bestie and one random, a bit weird kid Biaggio - the funniest character. And so their (mis)adventures start, it's even better seeing them fail at being independent hunters as they end up catching nothing and going to supermarket to use the last savings on buying chicken meat. Even though thinking that it would be interesting to live away from society, this film in a light manner shows that it's rather better to just imagine than actually do it. But the whole atmosphere and place will make you wish it was Summer already. It's really beautifully shot and I felt somehow happy after seeing it, even though the ending was bittersweet.

     Moonrise Kingdom (2012) - I don't know if it is a known or not so known film, it's director is Wes Anderson who I know for perfectly throughly made scenes (just look at this gif, everything is placed for a reason for a perfect shot), that makes his films so good. This film's plot is adorable - about this young and brave kid who met a girl and they decided to leave their homes to be together, which surely didn't work out as simply. But as I said, it's not just for the story, if you aren't sucker for love stories, still it's worth a watch as even the first scenes are so overthought, there is always something happening in the front and background, or those close ups that makes you wonder how could you even film it all with a camera. If you don't have that much of spare time for films, then at least see some bits of beginning, the story afterwards lost my interest (or maybe it was because I watched it at like 3am).

         Meanwhile the January, I saw several others no yet mentioned, in short here they are
Little Miss Sunshine (2006) - a cute film about little girl wanting to compete on beauty show yet having many subthemes, yet mostly about going on an adventure; filming took several years because of budget cuts, so it is interesting seeing how actors change during the film.
Blue Velvet (1986) - a classic to say the least, if you aren't familiar with David Lynch you should give his directed films a chance, they may be having some weird, mystery moments, but if you know a little about the director, you will ''read'' the films well, this one in particular has a neatly produced love substory.
Where The Wild Things Are (2009) - a cute film that was a bit too shakey for my taste (hand camera at it's worst), but the story was about a little, aloof kid who finds himself in his own imagination world; it will make you remember childhood when nothing seemed impossible.
American Beauty (1999) - many must have seen the rose petal covered blonde girl and I was expecting some sort of sex-driven chic flick (it was the reason I was putting off watching it, not my type of film), but I was wrong, it had several substories and it actually made me question my life choices as it's storyteller/protagonist has already died and is looking back to his last days.
This Is England (2006)I watched this as being a person interested in bits of England history, which here is portrayed as skinhead subculture adopting a young kid, who was easily influenced and accepted the rules as they were. It isn't one of those fancy, pretty films, but it is a great portraying about sitation that still goes on, a lot of my friends have moved to England becoming the hardworkers/imigrants and not really feeling accepted there. This is a story about culture that wanted to keep being English.
Tree Of Life (2011) - it would be one of those films which I would suggest seeing to everyone, yet be afraid they may not like it at all. It has some very long scenes which at first seem like leaving the story - but it all connects and makes the story. The main message is to appreciate life while you have it, the people you have. Quatation - Love everyone. Every ray of light. Every leaf. Forgive.
Remember Me (2010) - I may or may not spoil it now. Because it's ending gave the whole story a more powerful message. Okay, I won't spoil it, but basically the reason I saw it was because of Robert Pattinson (who I find attractive mostly for his voice&singing, search him on youtube), but it started within a woman getting killed and it was intense, but then it went on telling a sort of love story, that had an ending that will leave you hanging. I kept staring to the credit screen for a while.

     Hahah and soon upcoming post for 20+ films for February.

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