Tuesday, 11 March 2014

10th March

     How to ruin a 365 day project - miss one day. Unfortunately, I do that often. I can't do one thing every day. I forget my daily vitamins or wish to work out. And writing. Believe me, I really love this process itself. The typing, hearing the keyboard's buttons click, scratching them sometimes when having the willing to delete something. Delete must be the most used to button. I cannot write one sentence without clicking it as I am always having misspelling problems. Well, unless it's one of those -one word- sentences. And, yes, even to write this sentence I had to click delete. Several times. 
     When I was a little bit younger... I meant - some time ago I wanted to have the UNDO button/function in life. To be able to try out something and then take it back if it went wrong/not how expected. It would be awfully silly to live in an universe that has such option, but if just one person had such ability. It's a little like time traveling, a humble version. But now, I am kind of an adult, yet I still wish for having an unrealistic ability. Just this time it would be -delete-. And before you make a conclusion that it wouldn't be possible - just think about films. I know, they aren't real life, but yet it may be the perfect medium for the chance to keep memories. I think we should all film more and make short film stories to ourselves that show the places and sound not just still images.
      Then again there is this putting off everything and saying that we shall do it later, someday. But that someday will come. And it will be today. Then tomorrow. And the lazier we live on, the harder it becomes to do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g at all. Believe me, I know. I am currently in such situation. Been here for about a month and it hasn't got better, it has just got worse. I think I have read nearly every single tweet and seen every single post on my tumblr's dashboard. And made numerous unneeded online shopping orders - but those are the only thing that helps me survive, the pretty things. I just wish the whole money making would be an easier process. 
       For all those people with messed sleeping schedules - here is a baby bat in a blanket. It's just as a photo of me except I am not so cute, don't have black hair and my blanket isn't yellow. But still, I can wish.. Doesn't this make you wish you had a bat as a pet? That surely would be an unusal creature for the house.

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