Tuesday, 11 March 2014

11th March

     Lately I have been waking up early (for no reason) and now staying up late has become harder to manage. So it's just 23.15 as I am typing these words. After I finish I will write about the upcoming giveaway and then watch Manhattan (1979) which I am really looking forward to. I watched the first bits of it already and it has those wonderful scenes that makes you wish you lived there. The beginning scenes were amazing to let viewers know more about the place, yet those scenes would be easy to master by anyone with a camera. If just we did a little of montage.
      Still (updated as I finally saw it) it was a very nice romantic film that was in black&white, but by time you get used to it. And it is about those situations when you fell for one person, then another and people get hurt and it's never easy. It also features a lot of places and jokes that only Woody Allen may make so lightly yet thoughtfully. I think it's one of his greatest films, definitely worth checking it out on some evening when you are looking up for romantic comedy yet don't want it to be too tacky or overly sweet. This had a quite realistic way of creating the story about this novelist and women he falls in love. 
      Anyway, what mattered today was.. umm.. well a lot of e-mails were sent to me, I cleaned my room a bit and arranged some plans for this week, went out, played silly multiplayer games on nitrome with my younger sister and sort of skipping the day from doing anything big. I had my favourite meal (which isn't necessarily photogenic), read some news on twitter and tumblr. Started working on a new design that I should finish someday. I also think I should work more on Photoshop otherwise today when I opened it I got a little bit confused. So, you know, just a sunny day that passed by. Not going to say that I didn't do anything memorable. I made two huge orders on ongoing Romwe sale -- here, that made me very happy [: I got there some new leggings. I may do a post on them someday. 

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