Saturday, 1 March 2014

1st March

     Wooo, another plain day update here. To me March seem like name someone might be called, like Mark. Hah, I have started making my Febraury movie list, but it's not finished, and already next month is here and on. I had set myself a goal to watch one film a day everyday (on Sundays I go for a short-film as those are the bussiest), but this week I haven't yet watched any. YET. So I oficially say that this is going to be a film night. Ohh.
     And yes, I am talking about staying home edition. It's nicer as you may pause (and go for some food) and replay - in cause you want to see something one more time andd it's just a lot more comfier, you may sleep or sit in really weird positions and not give a damn. I somehow don't understand why lately so many films are made 3 hour long. Even if it's good and your mind is fully following the action, it's going to become hard to sit there. And then going back to reality. 
     Though, yeah, I have been trying to do my to-do list, cleaning my room and generally getting rid of things I no longer need or use. I am one of those people who end up collecting things around even if they are quite useless. For example - I keep a deck of cards that is missing about 6 of them (which makes it useless for playing) but I somehow think it may be useful in case I make a photosession or something - but it's just laying there for months. Also I have some coloured papers, unfinished notebooks, broken zipper handbags, books that I stopped reading as they seemed not interesting and so on. Whole my room is basically a storage for things, and sometimes I feel like it's hard to breath. Because, really, if they would be needed, they would have been useful at least once recently. So, they have just lost their meaning and purpose and it's time to.. let go. Though, of course, it's not that Earth is going to just swallow all our garbage and make it disapper. We all should think twice before getting something, if it will be needed later on. Because people don't need that many things as they think they may.

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