Tuesday, 4 March 2014

3rd March

     I was tidying up my place as watching American Hustle (2013), I didn't find it that interesting to fully watch it not doing anything. So I was looking through my things, I have this thing for keeping notebook pages where I have written random thoughts, Skype talks and quotations from books I have read and so on. And I read this quote - Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.
      As finally the film ended (I wish  I could put a stress on FINALLLLY, I didn't find it anything special, have seen many better recently, and only thing that I found cool was the creating of the scenes - wardrobe and all the retro vibe and nice actors, but other than that, it surely should have been shorter, end of the rant), I was able to start writing these lines as I again ended up doing various other stuff. But here I am now. Today goes on (my) history as a truly charming blue sky filled day. And I guess I haven't mentioned that my room's wallpaper is quite sky blue-ish as well. And my cat slept whole evening on my to-do list making me a little less sorry for putting things off for night. I never seem to be able to finish things before midnight. It's always the start of new day.
     I hope tomorrow will have a blue sky as this as well. Maybe even with those white fluffy clouds that are always welcomed. When I was little I thought that it was possible to walk and sit on them (Disney influence) and I didn't listen when adults told me I couldn't. I haven't yet tried, but maybe some day.
I took 4 photos today that were two of each this scene, twice - in case first is blurry. Faded, as I edit everything these days. 

     And one more thing - Coldplay - Magic Been listening to it all day long on repeat. It's beautiful, even if not that relatable. 

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