Wednesday, 5 March 2014

4th March

     It was Pancake day today, and as always I am the person who eats and then thinks that I may have take a photo before. But when I am hungry I just can't think properly, okay. Neither I have ever felt like food blogger. I think there would be need for shiny studio lights and neat background and so on. I am quite thankful the food isn't the main instagram photograpy object (I think, at least, from people I follow when I ocassionaly go through feed).
     Anyway, as one of my favourite people on th Earth (close friend) once said - everything that is forced is bad (as talking about timing and me missing deadlines), so this is also a story about blogging. And just ugh, I really miss talking with him. He's too unpredictable to be together with, but I yet we cannot really manage being friends. So all this situation quite sucks. 
     I wish it was possible to just stop having cold daily. I cannot seem to be able to get rid of it for days.
     This was one of those days that just pass without acknowledging them.

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