Thursday, 6 March 2014

5th March

    Today I went to an amazing exhibition by wonderful Ziv Koren. You may or may not have heard this photograper's name, but I can assure you, his photography is breathtaking. We also had a lecture were he told a stories behind the certain scenes and also on his opinion of photo journalism (as it's his main income thing and job for more than 20 years) and just the whole story for how digital photography has changed the way the photo journalists work - now every hour may be the deadline and people are sending photos from being on the place and everything is happening. And capturing the very moment. I think he does it perfectly. Plus another thing was digital manipulation - it has become so accessible that it makes many real photos appear unbelievable even though they are real (as they are claimed to be).
     Patience and luck for the perfect timing.
     I am still amazed by all the photos I saw. Yet it also made me think more about life itself. What matters is seeing the moments that matter and not letting them just pass away unappreciated. I don't know if a person can enjoy the moment as fully if he/she looks through a lense, whenever it's a professional camera or just a phone. It's as not really looking to things as they are, but already through this medium, technology. Yet, we all are photographers in Western culture. And it needs to be appreciated more as on documenting manner, keeping photography as itself and not doing over-editing everything. 


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