Friday, 7 March 2014

6th March

     Today I saw a not so known film named Twice Born (2012) that somehow (even though it was randomly found) is quite realistic yet dreamy. Even though it was about Gemma (played by Penélope Cruz) I ended up more follwing the second storyline. This woman who had had red hair, now showing roots - still rocking it. Kurt Cobain was mentioned, and there was those two scenes - one when everything was nice, people happy (another scene, not shown) and then - the same place being blown up because of the war, bombing. Such a powerful shot. I hope 3rd World War isn't coming, but who knows these days.
           Another reason for seeing it - it actually had a plot twist that was unexpected. And it wasn't just for a great story, but also - a thought provoking thing. Without spoilers - let's just say all conflicts start from not talking, not communicating. If people were more honest with each other, there would be a lot less problems. We would know our surroundings a lot more and individuals would feel less lonely, as we all would be able to admit that we feel that time to time. A bit of spoilers: here it was a story of a women feeling left behind. when actually there was a lot bigger issue happening that she had no idea about as she wasn't told about it.
        Still, great film, worth seeing. Might start slow and seem to have unnecessary scenes, but at some point, everything will be put together like a puzzle in your brain. I like such kind of movies. I hadn't seen any for days and had already forgotten how happy they may make me feel. I wish I could just watch films all day long. But, eh, there is this need to be bothered with studies, work and presence at places.

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