Saturday, 8 March 2014

7th March

     Currently thinking about how my eyes hurt and checking if I still remember how numbers are written within -th form (too lazy to look up how it is properly called). I feel like loosing my good English grammar and vocabulary, more often I see myself making mistakes I have never made. It must be because of my recent (and further) dull translating one and other (digital) article or even whole chapters on books. In other words - working on my thesis.
      I wanted to say something related to this blog - I somehow get offers for posting weird things and then getting a tiny bit paid, but today I got an offer to get a dress if I post about dental site. It was the weirdest thing ever. And now those companies think that bloggers will do everything for some items. It's like, come on, it's not that we don't care about the readers or content itself here. 
     Still sharing this blogging moment within also an online window shopping for wishlisting my favourite finds and waiting till they hit a sale. YET knowing that I already have enough clothes. Like, where comes this obession/need for buying more. It's somehow the effect of changing things, getting new ones, yet why to even bother. Cannot explain this need, but I have it. Yet I try to limit myself and look up the cheapest places (thankfully I am not one of those Prada and other brand girls). I rarely bother about the brand. Because even if it does give a guarantee that the item will last - it's not that important. 
     And now, to finish my doing-nothing-today even though it's Friday, you know. I will just leave it by saying - Happy Women's day [: Let's cherish each other more. More of some thoughts on gender I may or may not include in later. 
P.S. I got this tulip -in a heart wrap- from my mother's (ermm, let's say) soulmate, with who I nearly never talk. We have had a hard time communicating since they end up living together, but for past years we just sort of ignore each other's existence. It was a cute gesture I think [: We even smiled and felt more talkative when in the same room, though it was indirectly. It's nice that there are certain days that bring people togeher.

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