Monday, 17 March 2014

Giveaway winner [: +movie suggestions

     Yay, it was truly great chance provided by Romwe to host a giveaway [:
     And here is the lovely winner - Sena AGonzales 🎉
     As typing this I am having an open tab, writing an e-mail to to make sure you are soon contacted by them to get the prize [: 🎈 CONGRATULATIONS 🎈
    For all others - don't give up [: Winning on giveaways is all about being lucky and I hope that soon there will be another one running here, but till then - feel free to google search for your favorite online shop giveaways as a lot of fashion-related blogs are accepting entries on those now and then [: I have personally once won that way, so as I said - it's possible [: Better luck next time.

     And as to add some other content to this post, I will let myself mention some recent films I have seen that made me even happier for being able to find time to watch them. So, in short, for past weeks these are my favourites. I saw some older and newer films [:

     Nebraska (2013) I really liked it, it's unusual as the main character is an old man, who gets a letter in mail saying he has won a million, in order to get it he has to travel several states. It looks like one of those spam e-mails/ads and no matter how many times other try to force him, he doesn't give up on this chance, even though he isn't sure what he would do with that money. But his son gives in and takes a time off his job and gets on the road with his dad to get in various adventures and happenings. I think it is a very cute film, made me wish to spend more time with my family, especially olders.🌕
     Blue Jasmine (2013) It is about a woman who married a rich businessman (every girl's dream, right?) BUT which ended up being in illegal activities, plus he cheated on her and he ended up losing all his fortune, also leaving nothing much for her. She is wearing all those designers and feeling lost. She tries to find comfort with her adopted sister, but they happen to disagree a lot as they have grown up and lived in quite different scenarios. Of course, the main protagonist, Jasmine, had problems with coping within the fact of lifestyle change as everyone would feel. 🌕
   Annie Hall (1977) As it's another Woody Allen piece - it's a romantic comedy, and it's especially worth-seeing as the Woody Allen plays the main protagonist and the relationship story is quite realistic, as they were together in real life. It has it's laughs and quite charmingly serves two people falling for each other and then having it slowly fading. To know whenever they managed to keep being together or ended up going seperate ways - watch it. 🌕
     Midnight in Paris (2011) It started with beautiful Paris views tha were already like a neat sightseeing. Finding the nicest places, like everyone could film such views, but yet, only put together they may create the feeling. This film,unusually from other Woody Allen's films, has a little more fantasy - there the novelist, main character, happen to experience time travelling at midnight during his Paris visiting. He is actually engaged, but yet he meets another woman and he is no longer sure about his feelings for his fiance - who actually is very different person, making me wonder how those two even met and decided to be together.🌕
     Pretty Baby (1978) unusual film for the reason that main character played by gorgeous Brooke Shields is twelve years old as the actress at that time. I had never seen her this young. Anyway, the film itself isn't that beautiful, it's about prostitution at times when it was legal and the house they were working for actually served only rich gentlemen, so it didn't seem that bad, but seeing her becoming a woman (I am not talking about intercourse, but in general - knowing what men want, how to talk, how to dress, how to act). It made her lose interest in dolls and become more serious, yet at times she desperately was a child it was hard to deal with. There was this one, a photographer, who fell in love with her and even married her, but what kind of life it is being so young. Yet, does love know any numbers? I doubt it.🌕
     Manhattan (1978) It was inspiration for previously mentioned Paris scenes. I am sorry I am mixing them, but I wanted to keep the order as I saw those films. I already meantioned a bit of Manhattan as it just seemed so good. Even though at first I wasn't that interested, only the witty language used helped me keeping on watching it, yet when it was near the end, I wanted to know more about the storyline. And then there were credits. I like when films about love leave some bits of questions and aren't all about that happily-ever-after them. Oh, and one more thing - Meryl Streep looks amazing in this. I hadn't seen any film of her's being so young, with long hair and so on. 🌕
     Dogville (2003) it's directed by Lars Von Trier. If you know any of his films, you will know that it won't be simple, nor short, nor boring. This particular one was amazing for the fact that it was like a theater. Houses are drawn with chalk on floor, there are only few furniture and limited amount of decorations are used to illustrate a tiny city with about fifthteen citizens, who seem nice at first to the new girl who is running away from gangsters and finds a place to stay in this aloof place. There isn't much to do, yet she finds some little things to do for every and each of people living there. But how they did repay her was unbearable. It made me mad. Anyway, the film is about 3 hours, it builds slowly, but then again, it illustrates fully everything main woman character, Grace, was going through.🌕

     If you have spare time, sure give a look at these films [: They may or may not become your favourites, but it's worth knowing about them [:

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