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March 13th and 14th

     "I saw Nymphomaniac (both parts)" would be a more proper title. In this film (first part) there was mentioned a way to divide people in two groups - those who first cut nails on their right hand and those who do it first on the left hand. But even this dividing is then seen from another point of view. I think for this year we all may be divided in two parts - those who saw both of them (it's in two parts) and those who didn't. I find it funny that when typing "nympho" stops showing suggestions. As this would be somewhat bad word. It isn't.
     If you are totally underage or not familiar with human anatomy (or even for a not understandtable reason offended by it), it's not for you, as the film is filled with not just nakedness. From all the advertisements and pretty photoshoots when people are naked yet covering/or having a shadow over their intimate parts, this film isn't the case. They casted real porn stars to do those scenes and then with computer graphics added upper parts of actors to make it seem as they are doing it (as read on IMDB Trivia). And they show it from all the angles. At first I was a little shocked, but after seeing more and more of it, I got used to it. Both parts together are about 5 hours. That shouldn't have been cut in two part, in my opinion. And it should be treated as the art house film.
     Lars Von Trier is known for being unusual director. No one would expect a dull, shiny, easy Hollywood crap from him. But yet this film - it's rated +18. And for a reason. I have seen several films on big screen with such raiting, like Filth as the latest, but non with so explicit graphics. In short - the boundaries are crossed, the moraliy neglected, but it's part of it's concept. At some parts it seemed like plain porn - as people having sex - but it's not for enjoying it. Just a part of the story. WHEN YOU HAVE SEEN BOTH PARTS, at the end, it all has it's meaning. Afterall this is a story about sexuality. The storyline is actually quite complex, especially the ending, thinking how those people were linked and what made her, the protagonist, be at the point where film started. 
    As to tell (write down for my own memory) a little about the story - a woman played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, as we learn further named Joe, is found, beaten on the street, in a small alley by an old man - Seligman. Who may seem nice at first moment. But he is a man and she is a woman who tells him about her sexual life. At some point he started fantasizing about her. He isn't nice, nor asexual as he states at some point. It just (as I was typing) reminded me of Emilie's Autumn's song Gentlemen aren't Nice. 
     Well mainly the film is made a storytelling - the scenes of her telling her lifestory (which he asked as a prove, when she said she was a bad human and he didn't believe it, so somehow she became outspoken with this strange man in his weirdly decorated room, I still don't know if she was so thankful for being saved or just felt a need for a friendly company, which, as we learn on the last bits of film, she didn't have) being mixed with her early days (childhood, then teenage and 20 something played by beautiful model Stacy Martin then later on, back to main actress as recent past) till the evening when she was beaten and found by this man whom she trusts her story.
     Anyaway, all the film is divided in chapters and it would be rather better seeing both Volume parts one by one. I had a day long break and my mind was occupied thinking about it. You see, every year there are made films about guys being heartbreakers - in other words, sleeping with several girls at once. And it is seen as being okay. But then this film has got a lot of bad reviews and even calling director as a misogynist. When actually we, women, are sexual creatures. And we go through a lot of things too. There are sex addicts on our gender. And there it shouldn't be seen as something wrong with being yourself. The second part has this message that many won't probably get (as hating on first part and then giving up on watching 2nd). She, the protagonist, realizes that she isn't a bad human being for doing all this (it was even discussed as she was a woman fighting back against the gender that has oppressed and mutilated women for centuries, which is true for this century still) nor for fact what she thought - that she was about to kill someone, she had a lot reasons and nothing to lose.
     Even though both film posters insists to Forget About Love (which is also the tagline) it had two love storylines. A very extraordinary with her first partner Jerome, which appears in her life several times, which adds the bit of ironic line in this film, and life. You know those situations when you at totally random situation see someone with who you have shared a chunk of past and non of you even live near that place and you shouldn't even be there. And those parts adds a bit of that unrealistic reality details to the film. Weird is how she got disgusted from him at first yet fell for him later on. Other one is P, a young girl with deformed ear who becomes her help and comfort in life. And who she (spoiler) loses. Both of them. And you know, if people have nothing to lose, they won't behave. 
     Overall, I liked the second part better. It was growing up part, trying to fit in society, having work, trying new things, trying to find herself. I was a journey through masochism, sadism, homosexuality, even touched pedophilia as subject while talking, which made me think. I have always looked upon it as the worst perversion from all. I think kids should be protected by all means. Actually they shouldn't worry, nor their parents for their safety. I thought that I heard as well in the film that everyone is born with all the perversions and that as child you either get rid of them or keep them. Or maybe I read it somewhere as reference to Freud probably. Still, I think it was great that there was his big and surely not so forgetable film made for nymphomaniac's theme. I think seeing women as free in their own sexual ways is great and mass media is missing it out. I am talking about this recent statement on Beyonce's music as well.
     Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I felt like writing down these thoughts I had on these film. I doubtfully will suggest these to someone, as a lot of my friends don't really enjoy Trier. But I.. well, I will now read some more on gender theories (as for my studies) and then watch Dogville and Dancer in the Dark. As for some reason I have been missing out seeing them.

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