Sunday, 16 March 2014

March 15th and 16th

    There are those simple days that have small happenings that we tend to not pay any attention. But then there are shared moments that stay with us, especially if they are caught in a photo, or written down for journal/diary. Documenting has become the new way of remembering, because there is so much happening right now. Even though I didn't move any further than from my bed to kitchen and then back trying to force myself to fill Microsof Word document with some clever words, still a lot happened. Because the world is going around even if you don't seem to care. My cat has been feeling quite bad lately, which saddens me (he is quite old, so any health issues he get, makes me worried) but the recent package I got from aunt came in this huge cardboard box and he seemed to love it. Here's a picture I got, in a brief moment when he wasn't playing. Isn't he a beautiful creature? (a lot of people assume he is a cat girl at first for some reason)
This photo might be a part of that cute project - going on [:

     Anyway, talking about struggling, I have been quite stuck on the very first page for a paper I am due in a month. And it needs a minimum 50 pages of perfectly looked through, thoughtful text. I have a lot to do and it means giving up on everything else - for next days to keep myself away from everything I will (am) logging off from all the sites. Everything. To keep myself from uselessly refreshing the pages when there could be so many better things done - like those that were put off. For that some day, some time. Well this moment is now, this very moment. And it's either - react now or let it slip away. And I have already been wasting a lot of time. So I suggest making to-do lists within more descriptive and smaller parts of big objectives, so they seem less dramatic. I couldn't but a plain - write 50+ pages as a to-do thing. But I may write down a - finding literature on this and that subject, writing at least 4 pages a day as a daily goal, then re-checking it the next day and writing more. And so on. 
    Before that I am already creating a template for giveaway announcing. And writing down some of my recently seen films. And some random thoughts for next blogpost. What mattered to me. You see, even though this thing, these words are kind of public, they are more likely meant for selfish purposes. This is as a place where to keep my thoughts and little happenings, what I saw and what I want to remember. It's personal, yet not so. I am just another human being who happens to be trapped in the same universe as you, in the same era, which allows making everything become a part of binar code and be digitally transmitted anywhere. If I had a journal, paper one, I might be able to loose it in various ways. For a blog to be lost, I would have to forget it's name. Hopefully, I won't.

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