Tuesday, 18 March 2014

March 18th

     I will count yesterday's post as a proper day entry. Anyway, as for life updates and I'm just fighting with myself to do what I was supposed to be doing for past months but didn't. You know, it's never too late. And I admit, I put things off pretty usually. But now I have to literally go underground - not log in any social media or anything particular. It's sort of as I do - then I end up wasting time and then feeling guilty. But at the moment I don't have guts to do so. I just again, look for another day. And yet today I thought it was Monday. 
      Anyway, as for small nice moments, of course, getting parcels and waiting for the new ones to arrive. Each morning I go and check my mail box with excitment as cute things is the only way of managing going through my dull days. When I go out, I feel alone even though with people around, when I spend a whole day at home, I still feel like it wasn't right. Maybe I need a new place. I think I am in a need for a bit of traveling. I wish the tickets were cheaper and places, easier to access, not so scattered. This previous sentence made me think of my dear friend who recently traveled without spending on traveling itself. I think it's a little crazy, but yet whole life is a risk, isn't it? The most simple day in shopping mall may end up being a robbery with a gun involved or all the road accidents happening daily. Being alive is the most precious thing yet we may loose it at any point, any day of our lives. Then why rather not live it fully?
      I think a lot of people take life for granted and are expecting that long, happy living till becoming old. Now a lot of advertising is done withnin that being healthy message as to prolong your life. When I think it's stupid, but I don't accuse anyone for doing so. Everyone may make their own ways of living as long as it isn't hurting other human beings. And yet we are all making too much from the life as a thing. It's weird to think how we all (the most of society) are following patterns for ages, all the institutions - kindergarten, school(s), then seeking job - then getting better paid one, having some hobbies but just doing nothing that big. If you see it from some point - a lot of lives are quite similar. Very few live interesting lives. A lot of us do see adventures - we seek for them in books, films and tv shows when actually we are just pausing our own lives. To feel, to experience more - that's what makes life more fun. Settling down and getting used to things and not looking for changes is bad, and for past couple of years I have been living in this 'okay' mode. It's dangerous. 

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