Monday, 31 March 2014

March 30th

     I have wanted to mention these in a while, but hey, things happen and there is always something new on tumblr or movies to watch. Just kidding, I actually am now fully into MsWord and PDF files for writing my final paper. Stressing daily. But then there is online shopping that keeps me going, I am slowly becoming an addict, there are three shops that I visit on daily basis to see the new stuff or whenever my wishlisted items are still in stock and waiting for me. 
     Anyway, as I have filled my closet till the point that whenever I open it something falls out, I have been looking more at accessories. My recent purchase were these two pretty statement necklaces that I just had to mention as the quality was supprisingly well done. Even on decent shops many times the things look better from away than in reality, when these are not just pretty, but also lasting. I was going to post this sooner, but the gemstone one went out of stock so I did hope it would be restocked, but it wasn't. Well, maybe some day. Still I have to mention them both. So here they are

They are very detailed, a bit shiny, beautifully created and in colours that may be easily matched. 

    I think they look the best with plain, neutral tops/dresses. The only problem though is fact that nearly everything I own has a print on it. I mean it, I have been going all crazy for particular clothing and now I have the problem of not being able to match prints and yet having no basics. So I think I should go for some basic shopping soon enough. Like white, grey and black tees, something longer in one colour for leggings (as I recently got two more pairs, yikes) and jeans. I have been looking for the perfect, high waisted dark jeans for a while. And even though Summer is coming, I am one of those people who may still be rocking full lengh jeans on June. Because I rather prefer myself fully covered which is probably my way of expressing the opression of female choices on clothing. You see, it's 2014 and we still live in a world in which I may be judged by what I wear and how I expose myself. I have that uncomfortable feeling for night walks and I am, I admit, worried about men around me. And Summer is the most common time for catcalls when people are more lousy, so I rather wear long-sleeved, long jeans and lie to everyone for not feeling hot (as temperature expression) than, you know, do what I would want to do, wear what I would.
     I think this sounds quite pathetic, but I rather keep myself thinking that I haven't triggered anyone, been loud and acted at most situations like I didn't hear anyone saying mean things to me and so. Yet it makes me a ghost. Today (I am writing this on 31th March) I took some random pictures. First three were quite sad. I don't know whenever those were the feminist studies I have been reading that has made my face represent an un-cute pug or it's life in general. Yet as I was getting more into process (I love taking photos afterall, I was getting more and more happier, which made me realize how much I had missed taking random photos which I used to do quite often. It's one of those serious things that if you get too much into studying you end up letting to die a lot of other activities which make the days count. And I think it matters - each (or each other day) find time to do something you love, expanding the view. It can be drawing a tiny cat on your overly serious planner or buying your favourite chocolate box for yourself only, or trying on a totally unusal accessory, or spending some quality time with your sibling. Who knows how much time we have, so let's rather add some quality to our days.