Monday, 31 March 2014

March 31st

     Please, explain someone where did March go. Oh, wait, I was the one who wasted all the time. Right, erm, so at least to have some bigger point to remember about this particular month, I tried to capture today's beautiful daylight and ended up playing a little with my phone camera, creating these black and white photos. I must say my make-up looked awful so I had to shoot in B&W mode, but it also added depth level to the looks. PLUS one of my besties once told me that taking a photo from under would be the most unflattering angle. I wanted to try and, hah, she was wrong. Just look at these photos, they all were made as my phone was laying on the bed and I was standing. I think having such unusal angle added made these selfies unparticular to their usual format that we see daily, everywhere - both in social media and people actually taking photos in real life, next to us, with us, it's mostly annoying me as I don't see much of a point there. But hey, I tried to put some effort on selife taking and I think I mastered it. Probably in future I will try out taking more pictures from such angle, I think it may be my new style. And, yes, it's an ugly light bulb in a lamp on the background, I decided to keep it, to show my literal ceiling.
     Dress I am wearing is Romwe Floral Print Pleated Black Dress [: I love it's cute flower print that has actually many pretty colours (red,pink,blue and green!) on black and surely would fit both in Spring/Summer waredrobe as well as early Autumn. I think it looks neat on this black and white theme as well. The dress has zipper on side, plus a button to secure collar, which is unfortunately not detachable and I am unsure how it would survive washing machine as it's chiffon. But still I am very happy with it's sleevless design and perfect length for those who don't go for too-short dresses like me. 
     I don't know why blogger made them in two tones of B&W, as I clearly have them in one tone, and I tried re-uploading, but I guess, you can't get everything these days. 
     ANYWAY thanks for stopping by [:

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