Wednesday, 12 March 2014

CLOSED Romwe Clothing Giveaway 2014 - Coco Made Me Do It T-shirt


     It's a giveaway time! Woohoo. Romwe's staff yesterday's morning contaced me giving a chance to host a brand new and great giveaway for a chance to win this fabulous Coco Made Me Do It T-shirt. I have seen several bloggers wearing it and I must say - it may be styled many different ways. I made a Rafflecopter giveaway [:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

     Here are the main steps explained -
---E-mail is needed so we can contact you [:
---Comment on t-shirt page is mandatory task from Romwe, how to -
Add a comment via Facebook on this page 
(scroll down the page till you see Facebook plugin)
---Commenting on blog post would just make it seem like someone cared, thanks 
*I would be happy if you became a follower, but it's not mandatory as I don't want to force you.

Giveaway ends on 16th March (including).
On Monday, 17th, within Rafflecopter will randomly choose the lucky winner and the winner will be contacted by the Romwe staff soon afterwards. The prize, the t-shirt, will be given to one person, providing the tracking information and so on. If you win, you will get all the details [:

Btw, the t-shirt will be on sale for only $9.99 on 13th March GMT.
Here is even a another code: 10%offcoco
It can save you another 10% for the t-shirt on 13th March only.
Afterwards it will be back to it's original price, but the giveaway will still be on [:

Good luck [:


  1. Cool giveaway x

  2. done
    fb name: yen morales

  3. Done :)
    I've commented on Romwe's product page.
    My facebook name is Divya Asha

  4. Done! :)

    FB: Petra Kos

  5. Done!
    fb: Andrea Andreica

  6. Oh, I have the same GIVEAWAY-welcome to enter and invite your friends as well :)

  7. I left a comment!
    Jenna Eveliina

  8. comment on romwe page done.. :D

  9. hi.. followed you.. may you host more Romwe giveaway :D