Wednesday, 2 April 2014

1st April

     There are those days when I prefer being silent. When I don't post anything anywhere and rather be offline from all the places. Those usually are days when I have overly planned schedule or I just enjoy day off, near nature and going places. But for the past days I have felt like avoiding people. I am still trying to pull myself together for the big finish, when actually I thought I would have been nearly done yesterday and now is already today and have managed to loose hours in doing nothing particular. I know that I have to stop this. You see, in this period of time I haven't even done my favourite things a lot. Though I gave in and spare few hours to read the 8th part of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I still do enjoy it's whimsical way of telling stories that are so hilarious that they may make you laugh out loud or at least chuckle if you are like me who rarely is loud.
     Another little thing - I got fooled a lot in this 1st April and it wasn't funny for how many times I fell for things, but then again - having a good laugh now and then is welcomed, even if it's about yourself being silly. Yet - my favourite prank which filled me with excitement actually were Google Map Application Pokemon challange. Okay, okay, in this post I do seem childish, but I think everyone needs to feed their inner kid and let yourself be rather judged for your choices than not enjoy lifetime fully. And my way were several hours spent searching for famous travel places to catch all of the pokemons. Judge me, I don't mind :D I am still on my quest, but I think I will finish tonight as to have the last print-screen as they all are caught and I may rest at night :D I lost some hours of sleep last night because of this, I admit.
     I will add few more lines as I will be happy enough of having them all :D For once.