Monday, 7 April 2014

7th April - Novelty Bags

     Well as I at the moment don't want to talk about personal things that much, as basically nothing much happens, for past days it's been raining both - outside my window and in my head. It's calming yet depressing. Fact that my laptop is so warm no longer seem to comfort me as I look for something else. I don't know yet what will the next month bring to me, but at this moment I am full-time dedicated to writing my final paper and it's very important to me. So I try to avoid random babbling (said by a person who spent most of yesterday talking with old friends on Facebook, okay, here I said it, guilty). Those talks though cheered me up and made it easier to continue my work for this unpleasing reading and writing. Even though I am learning a lot of new things, still, the digital-only resources are killing my eyes and I am literally repulsed from my laptop. Yet nothing has appeal and days seem aimlessly spent.
     But then these are those little things that make everything better. At least a bit. For girls those are the cute things. Like ridicilously cute clutches. I hadn't been on ModCloth for a while and, oh boy, I have been missing out. They have got so many new pretty stuff that I wasn't aware of. Unfortunately, this is just a windowshopping for me as I am limited myself at the moment, but I did enjoy starring at items :D These particular ones seemed very detailed, quality ones, which also you may see for the price tags on site, but then again - that gives the chance to stand out the crowd and have something crazier than others, don't you think it's awesome? [: I would want to have them all, even though I wouldn't know where to go with them :D 

     Who is with me for getting a fun clutch?
     I think novelty bags are the best, the only problem is that you can't fit many things there, which for a person like me who feels helpless without too many items. But I guess every now and then, attending some parties or for going out, or just for a walk it would be cute to have one of these just for smartphone and lipstick.