Wednesday, 9 April 2014

9th April

     Let me start with Romwe sale promotion, that IS ON TODAY, for 24 hours. I just got the e-mail about it and I had to get this t-shirt. I love the fact that they have these special promos for certain items in longer period of time, because - this way it's easier to choose (whenever to buy it or not), you don't feel obligated to, but the price here is literally less than half of it, so why not give it a chance. This time it's for the GEEK t-shirt.
     I have been eyeing it for a while, but I wasn't sure if I fit in the criteria for geeks, but then I thought for I literally spend the most of my time by laptop, on internet, so, I am not far from it :D Anyway - if you are also interested, here are the details:

"Geek" Print Grey T-shirt you have never seen before!

Sold at the price of $9.99, original price is $26.99,up to 63%off.
Only 300 units are in stock . Hurry up!
140 pieces for size S,
80 pieces for size M,
80 pieces for size L,
Only at 1:00am GMT April 10th, only 24 hours!----
Worldwide free shipping, shipped in 24 hours.

+some extra info on their site as well [: Shipping though takes some time (those are not literal 24 hours, it means that it's shipped out from Romwe's warehouse asap, but till reaching your post office, it will still take time)

     I think I may get this tee, it looks extremely nice without a jacket, as a Spring/Summer wear, for casual outfits, but surely adding a bit of attitude to any look. You will be noticed. [:

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