Thursday, 1 May 2014

1st May

     I also needed to mention something that cheered me up. You may have noticed I feature Romwe quite a lot on my posts, but it's because they have awesome sales now and then, I can't stop myself from getting more and more stuff from the store. The (mostly) cheap prices and especially the offers now and then makes it so great. So the big news are - soon, starting on May 2nd a new and AH-MAZING sale is coming - a lot of clothes for only 9.99$ 
     To celebrate the great holiday, there will be launched ROMWE Hottest&Biggest flash sale from May 2nd to 4th in 2014. The original price of these 653 design clothes is about $30. Now they sell them at $9.99. Free shipping! Click the following link to buy!

     I already go my eyes on these pretty things - the white overalls (overly unpractical, but all-white is so in), that pretty dress, and laced jacket. And Klimt's Kiss, and nice sporty 86th tee. And the leggings - I already have the ones in middle, galaxy ones, they remind of jeans and are comfy and I have been eying the cathedral print ones for ages, I guess this sale will be the time to finally get them.