Monday, 18 August 2014

11th August

     I just wrote April instead of August. Now I am left here thinking whenever I am stuck on time or am I looking forward to next Spring already. 
     That day I started writing this, 11th August, wass a birthday to a person who I can't label. We used to study together, went out and yet somehow still managed to be friends. Those who meet rarely, but can catch up from the moment we didn't. Like always finding something to talk about. Though we rarely see each other. I mean, I rarely see the most of my people. Because everyone gets so busy that spare time is such a precious thing. You may not yet know that, enjoying the Summer holiday within that doing something yet nothing particular. Nothing big, nothing that could be called as an achievement. Like learning a new language, learning to take decent photos or becoming a guru of something. Social media, blogs and vlogs count. Because they are the thing, now. I have also wanted to try those, but never really got over the ''rarely posting'' phase. Not even mediocre. That's me.
     Though, I wish I was less passive, to become an actual creator. But in times when you can google anything to see that it has already been said or made - it's hard. Living in this stage of technology that makes everything so easy to share rather makes me question why can we even do that. Why are people so interested in others and what they have done. 
     I guess it's the pure old idea that everyone has a story, their life story to tell. And there are avarious ways of expressing them - thoughts posted as tweets, pictures of OOTDs or even as personal shares of TMI. You know, those times when you read or see something you wish you could erase from your memory. Make them unseen.
      But you can't.
     Within this statement I wanted to point out fact that you choose the information you see. TV program, your friend who gossips or co-worker who gets into personal subjects when you can either ignore it or answer to it. I tend to get myself in unpleasant situations. And I had started to think that I don't have a choice. But I rather make myself seem rude than become a person who hates life just because of having the wrong people around. 
     Everything in life is just a bunch of choices. Recently I made one that at first seemed like a crazy idea, but it ended up becoming the highlight of this Summer. Travelling a little.
     Right now I really badly would want to go on backpack trip through Europe. 
     Even if it sounds quite crazy. Not knowing much, having nothing much on me.
     Yet, I am expecting another huge order from internet shopping. And thinking how silly I am within my consumer needs. Buying stuff for no understandable reason.
     I end up saying that it's just girl's life, wanting things. Because pretty things and wishlists seem as never-ending thing. 
     At the same time my eco inner part tries to talk me out of this. Because seriously, there are so many useless things that shouldn't be made and had. The Earth can't just accept everything we didn't need to have.      All our mistakes.
     Yet we have all this time, this time of life, to try our best of spending it.
     What matters is doing what you love. Yet being respectful to others around and the nature. Whole environment. 
     Now I am off to read two books that have been on my desk and to-do list for a while.
     And yet it all is just another wish to stop the time. I used to think I am responsible person. Yet all I do is just waste my time. Ugh. But I am nice at least. I try to.


  1. Great post! I love how you write and how it is though your mind is on the page!
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  2. Nice post, wonderful blog :)
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